Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling very small

Hi!  Home from California where we had a wonderful time visiting friends in Santa Rosa. We also drove up to the Redwoods National Park.  I'm the tiny figure in the photo above below these enormous redwood trees.  We saw beautiful coastline, gorgeous flowers at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden and spent precious time with friends.  It is warm and sunny and blessedly humidity-free in Santa Rosa.  The scenery and the food are fabulous.  More about our adventures in scrapbook pages to come. 

For now, I'm knee deep in laundry, the frig is empty, the mail awaits at the post office and I just turned up the A/C.  Why did I come home again?  Oh, yeah, so I can scrapbook all these great times and see my wonderful family.  That is next up. 

BTW  As The World Turns airs its last episode today.  I'm trying to catch up with daily recaps at so I can watch my faithful entertainment one last time. 

More later...

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