Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TIPsy Tuesday - New Pastel Case Labels

Just received my new Stampin' Up! Pastels upgrade kit over the weekend.  The upgrade kit contains the new case and all the new colors.  You just move the colors that are still current from the old case to the new one.  I like how they grouped all the reds/pinks together, blues/greens and then the violets while still keeping each row per color family.

One thing I'm not getting about this is the labeling that comes with it.  Either I'm misunderstanding how it goes, or the label seemed to be shifted over to the right.  The color family names are on the far left with all the color names following.  So the color names aren't lined up over the actual colors. 

This bugged me so I created a new template in Word with the colors lined up over the actual pastels and the family names on the far right over the eraser.    The names are only listed in English so I could make the font quite a bit bigger than the SU! version.  My new label is shown in the photo above.

If you would like to use this same color guide, click on this link to a thread a Splitcoaststampers where the files are located.  One file is for those with wide format printers so you can print this on a 12x12 page.  The other is for those who have regular printers.  In that case, the guide prints on one 8 1/2 x 11" page but you have to cut the color names and paste them on the end - literally.

files at Splitcoast -

If you paste your guide inside the lid over the old guide you won't have room for the foam insert.  It is a very tight fit anyway.  I don't really travel with mine so I just removed the foam and use a plain piece of cardstock to keep the colors from rubbing against the color guide.

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy the pastels.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. It's much easier to follow.


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