Monday, August 30, 2010

Great TV

Congratulations to my three favorite shows for Emmy wins - Jim Parsons for the Big Bang Theory, Archie Panjabi for The Good Wife and two wins for the wonderfully cast and written Modern Family!

Soon the fall TV season will be starting.  Personally, I'm much more of a traditional TV fan than a movie buff.  I want the backstory, I want to learn about the characters gradually and I want to experience their future.  Movies always leave me with more questions than answers.  I wonder if the happliy-ever-after really is. 

By traditional TV, I mean sitcoms and dramas.  I greatly dislike any type of reality TV or contest show - too much chatter, too much build-up and summarizing and I really think a lot of it is just fake.  If I'm going to watch fiction, I want to know it is fiction.

Last year introduced two new series that have become favorites in our house:  The Good Wife (Tues. CBS) and Modern Family (Wed. ABC).  The Good Wife is really smart TV.  The characters are sharp, interesting, and interconnected.  Apparently, I can't guess what will happen because I never thought they would let the husband - the cheating, politician husband - out of jail.  It would change the dynamic at home and the show was all about this wife going back to work and the kids having their father in jail.  Well, I was wrong, they brought him home on house arrest.  It's made the show far more interesting.  Another plus, the clothes are fabulous! 

Modern Family looked funny in the promo's last fall but I didn't watch it at first because I thought it would be a silly sitcom where the characters are the same 10 years down the road as they were at the beginning (i.e. Seinfeld).  It's not like that at all.  The humor is often dry.  The shows are filled with great lines and some physical comedy.  Everyone is likeable - even Phil has his strengths though not nearly as many as he thinks.

Will this fall bring a surprise show to love?  So far, I''m interested in seeing the Defenders though it looks to be a bit predictable.  Hawaii 5-0 looks like a very cheap knock-off.  But then again, who knows?  Fortunately, my husband will watch just about anything once and bring me in if it is something he thinks I'll like.

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