Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Tree Trimming

Today's tip has nothing to do with paper or fabric crafts. It does fit my other love - decorating. I love to decorate for Christmas and occasionally do this for clients when the opportunity arises. Last night I opened up this large box of decorations for my tree and found my "notes" from last year. So one of my decorating tips is:

When you pack away your decorations, write notes on the inside box lid about what goes where on your tree or garlands. You probably can't read my scribble but these little notes reminded me that I purchased a new tree topper last year and about several other things I wanted to add or change to the tree this time around.

(Actually it is a good thing I bought a new top for the tree. When I was getting the decorations out of the attic on Sunday, I dropped the angel and broke off the head. That has to be bad luck!!! Oh well.)

Here are just a few other things I find helpful in selecting and decorating for Christmas:

  1. When buying ornaments, buy in odd numbers when possible and choose at least 3 of each ornament. Look for odd shapes and larger sizes. If you want your tree to look like one in a a magazine, don't load it down with tiny little one of a kind ornaments you have to be right on top of to see the detail. Go for the big picture.

  2. If you have collectable ornaments, mix them in with larger ones. Solid colored glass balls are available in large sizes and are very inexpensive.

  3. Place your tree in a mat so you can pull it out to decorate the back. If you have hardwood floors, turn a carpet mat upside down and then put the tree on top. It will slide easily. If you have the tree on a rug, use a smooth mat that slides. I use a piece of linoleum flooring.

  4. If you need something new for next year and can't find it during after Christmas sales, put a note on your calendar for early November of next year. I need to redo my garland lights so I have a note to buy 4 sets when Hobby Lobby gets them in and starts running them 50% off.

I'll share photos of my tree and garlands later on. The garlands are done but the tree is still in process. Today I went Christmas shopping today so I'll have to finish it tomorrow...

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