Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - A Fresh Start for Chipboard

I really loved the blue chipboard shown below when I bought it on a close-out. It's so pretty. I've long ago thrown away the packaging so I don't know who made it. Unfortunately, I've found little use for these patterned blue pieces. Either they weren't the color, shade of blue, or just had too much pattern to work on layouts in the past. I may have used a few of them once. However, they were the right size for the "Handsome Boy" layout (posted on 12/16/09) just not a color match at all.

One of the many great things about chipboard is that it is just layers of paper stuck together. So if you don't like the top (or you mess up the painting, stamping or whatever), just peel off a layer and start fresh.

Take a craft knife, and carefully peel up the edge.

Then just peel away the rest of the top by hand. Take care not stay within the same layer of paper.

The resulting very white layers looked so much like Jasper's white fur that I decided not to recolor the tops. You could paint, dab on ink or stamp the remaining chipboard. You may even be able to use the tops that are leftover depending on their condition.

So take a new look at your decorative chipboard and forget about the current color. You can always rip off the top layer and start fresh.

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