Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Thanks to Ten Tools

Here are the 10 papercrafting tools I'm most thankful for:

10. Wide format photo printer - I intended to use this monster for more digital layouts. In actuality, I've used it for more hybrids, printing my journaling and sometimes titles on 12x12 paper. I'm printing a lot more photos than I expected. It is hard to beat the convenience of printing out a little smaller or larger version of a photo in your own home rather than running to a local photo lab. In fact, after this post that is the next thing I'm going to do is print some smaller photos for layouts I want to work on this weekend.

9. Sewing machine. While I don't sew on layouts or cards all that often, I do love to add that little touch of texture now and again. Plus, it actually looks better to sew crooked on paper. I never get to do that on fabric.

8. Blender Pens by Stampin' Up! These are consumable as they eventually run out of water or whatever the clear liquid is inside. In the meantime, they make coloring images sOO much easier.

7. Stampin' Scrub - how did anyone clean stamps before this was invented?

6. My Epson All-in-one printer. I actually argued with the sales guy at Best Buy a few years ago that I didn't need or want a printer/scanner/copier. We had a scanner and I hardly ever copied anything. I'm so glad he and his $75 after-rebate-printer won out. Also, I hadn't used Epson printers since the days of dot matrix printers but their quality holds true. We use this printer for everything from making backup copies of tax forms, to scanning old photos of window treatments to show my customers, to printing the inside greeting on a card.

5. 4 bulb flourescent desk lamp by Verilux. It is the truest to natural light I've found in a lamp.

4. Cricut Expression by Provocraft. I'm amazed that this ranks so high on the list after only a few weeks yet I'm using it on all my scrapbooking layouts and many cards. It is making me look so smart and efficient. And I haven't even gotten around to doing some of the things I got it for in the first place!

3. Creative Memories circle and oval cutters. Replacement blades are on my holiday wish list. I've only replaced one blade in the 8 years I've had my set. I've never found a better portable cutting system. With these you need far fewer circle and oval punches, tool.

2. A dressmakers awl. A carpenter's awl is used to start holes before you put in a nail or screw. A dressmaker's awl found in the notions department of a fabric store also punches little or larger holes in paper depending on how far you push it through the paper. I make holes for brads, do paper piercing, fray the edges of ribbon or fabric, pull glue dots off the roll - its endless how many uses this tool has.

1. A gridded ruler. I have another one in my workroom for fabric also. I just can't imagine working without it.

I just realized that I left off my camera and my laptop. They are so attached to me - at least the laptop is - that I don't even think about them. So thanks to all the inventors of these tools for making my life easier.

And thanks to you for reading! Hope you have a very happy and safe holiday.

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