Thursday, September 24, 2009

Very Free-form Quilting

My mother asked me earlier this week what personal sewing project I was working on. I had to be evasive because my current project is for her and my dad. I just finished the machine quilting on a quilt for their bedroom I plan to give them for their anniversary in a couple of weeks.

Last winter Mother borrowed a quilt I had made for us that was large enough for queen size bed. She has many family quilts made by my grandmothers. Unfortunately, old quilts come up short when it comes to larger beds. I told her I would make her one and hopefully she forgot. I want this one to be a surprise.

Here is a little sample of the free-form quilting. I consider this a utility quilt so I've taken the liberty of doing some experimenting. This leopard print fabric is the striping in the quilt and I am quilting randomly around the little spots. With free-form quilting, the sewer, not the machine, controls the speed and stitch length by moving the fabric freely under the presser foot. It takes practice - apparently lots of practice.

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