Monday, September 7, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Couples Photos

We love to go hiking. While we don't trek off into the wilderness, we do often end up alone on trails in lovely photogenic spots. Sometimes we use the self-portrait feature of the camera. This requires either a good spot to rest the camera or a tri-pod. (And I lost our portable tripod after taking it all the way to Hawaii and the never actually using it. I've never seen it since our trip.)

There was the time we hiked to the top of this "hill" (actually a mountain where I come from) in the Canadian Rockies and asked a French Canadian passing by to take our photo. I didn't learn the words he actually used in response in my high school French class, but he did take our photo. In his defense, it was sleeting - in July! Who really wants to stand around wet and freezing taking some stranger's picture?

So we typically end up with Lenny taking a photo of me and I taking one of him. Do you ever get your photos back from a trip or event and find a lot of singles and realize you didn't take that perfect shot of the two - or more - of you together?

One solution is to combine the photos on a page by placing each photo in a frame and linking them.

Here is another one I did for an earlier book. The chipboard here is the leftovers from a couple of tags:

Ingredients for Kauai: Digital Overlay: Anna Aspnes

Ink: River Rock by Stampin' Up! (used to touch up the edges because I didn't print it all the way to the edge), and Cameo Coral

Chipboard frames by Stampin' Up!, Letter K is Wilma by Basic Grey

Ingredients for Let Nature Nurture: Chipboard letters by Basic Grey

Posted stamp from Office Accruement by Stampin' Up!

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