Sunday, September 6, 2009

Is it worth it?

It seemed like I spent a great deal of time the last couple of days going through photos, printing contact sheets and figuring out what papers I had to scrapbook what stuff in the coming months. This was part of a strategy to get my scrapbooking projects organized so I could work on pages when I had a few minutes, an hour or just had the photo printer turned on for some reason and wanted to print some things. It is far less daunting to do a little at a time than to decide I need to get 20 pages done in the next month! The classic tortoise versus the hare.

Last night in my journal I wrote something about all the energy I expended on this task. Was it worth it? Is it worth all the time and money I put into scrapbooking? Sure I enjoy it. So I reached for the nearest scrapbook album, the last one I completed for the 2006/07 years and flipped through, reading a little journaling here and there, critiqing a page or two, reliving a memory. I just reached the end when my husband came in for a long day of pinball repair and I greeted him with a smile. I was happy to see him of course, but I was still thinking about how much fun we had together in life. I'd been reminded of every day stuff, travels, family and friends. I was proud of what I'd created in that book and what we create in life together.
And now, my husband is going through the same album, making comments, remembering and he has a sweet smile on his face as he closed the cover.

Yes, it's definitely worth it!

(The page above is from that 2006/07 album. Ingredients that I can remember are: Stampin' Up! Office Accruement Stamp Set
Ink: Really Rust, Brocade Blue
Striped Paper: American Crafts)

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