Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Stamped Flowers

Here is a close-up from the scrapbook page I posted over the weekend. Not only does this embellishment dress up the page, but it does a bit of camoflauge.

The photo was printed for a board full of photos for my husband's birthday party in June. Unfortunately, in removing and storing some of the photos I wanted to scrapbook I wasn't careful enough and some adhesive from another one stuck to this one and well, you can see, it got ripped. Rather than reprint, I decided to cover it up.

I started with a couple of plain flowers. The large cream one is from a silk flower I bought at Hobby Lobby and pulled apart. Some silk flowers work really great for this. You just have to examine them carefully to see if you think they will work well after being removed from their stem. Stampin' Up! also sells white daisy flowers in their Pretties Kit. That is on my wish list as I haven't been able to find silk flowers that color and size. Plus the kit has lots of other pretty things as well.

The other flower is a paper one that was part of a scrapbooking kit I got for Christmas from Sam's Club a couple of years back.

To stamp flowers:

  1. Choose a good all over stamp. This one is actually one of the 'trees' in Trendy Trees!

  2. Begin in the center and go in circles working your way out to the tips of the petals.

To ink the paper flower:

  1. Use a sponge dauber and add a little color to the petals. I experiemented on the back side of the flower to find the best color. I started with Bordering Blue but it was too gray so I switched to Brocade Blue.

Layer your flowers as desired. I used a button center for this one. A Circle Ice or Circle Fire grommet works great, too!

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