Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday - Double Ribbon, Save Ribbon

The original design I did for this card, had ribbon going all the way around the width of the card. That's about 15" of ribbon! If you are making several cards or short on ribbon, you might look for some other options. Here's one:

  1. Select two complimentary ribbons such as two ribbons of the same color in different widths. Or two ribbons pulling in different colors from your project. Here I used 1/4" black gingham and 5/8" Brocade Blue - the color of the cardstock.

  2. Punch two holes side by side. Depending on their location, you may be able to use the nifty double horizontal punch. I used the Crop-a-dile in this case.

  3. Feed the narrow ribbon through the holes so it ties on top.

  4. Before tying, slip a short piece of your wider ribbon in between so it gets tied up with the smaller ribbon.

The quantity you use of each will depend on how long you want your tales and whether you want a double knot or a bow with your narrower ribbons. Whatever, it is a cute look that takes half the ribbon.

Ingredients: Stamps by Stampin' Up! Brocade Motifs, Lovely Letters

Cardstock: Brocade Blue

Ink: Brocade Blue, Basic Black

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