Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fan Blocks

Finding quilting books that capture the stories behind the fabrics and the women who quilted are as much of a treasure as a beautiful quilt. Soft Covers for Hard Times is one of those books and has been in my collection for many years. It made me first fall in love with the fabrics and patterns of the depression era. When 30's reproduction fabrics starting becoming popular, I wanted to use them. So many though weren't really my style until I found this great stash from Keepsake Quilting ( As a reward for finishing another project, I ordered several color families.

Over the last few weeks, I've been making Grandmother's Fan blocks, a popular block from the 1930's. These will be part of the inset border. I'm doing the border first and then filling in the center with some still undetermined floral design. It is a weird way to do it but then I can be sure I have these on-point blocks fitting just right.

I only have a couple of hours a week to spend on these so the project will take awhile. That's just more time to enjoy these bright cheery fabrics.

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