Friday, March 6, 2020

Unconventional Holiday page

Traditions were not on the agenda this holiday season.  I put up two ornaments for decoration for 2019.  They were both gifts.  Otherwise all of my pretties stayed in the attic.

It was just as well as all that stuff would have definitely been in the way.  My husband had surgery in mid-December and we had to do a little rearranging to make him comfortable and give him space to move about the house.

We don't really do gifts except Mother and I exchange. This year, I made her a quilted throw which she really loved.

Normally we get out and attend some holiday event but with the surgery, recover and doctor visits, that wasn't on the calendar.  I collected the few photos I had for a holiday page, nonetheless.  We did enjoy one another's company and I find my scrapbook pages are good almanacs of the things that happened in our lives and when.

The page is fairly simple and a good example of what to do with non-standard size photos. Whether you crop the photos before printing or just cut them down some afterwards, this is one way to arrange them.

Video on YouTube

Thanks for watching!

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