Monday, March 30, 2020

Knitting Projects

While I'm still sewing, I've moved onto masks.  I'm not doing much papercrafting now but am still knitting so I thought I'd share some of those projects in this video:

The sweater is almost done and hopefully I can share it next time.  I'm anxious to start on the poncho after I proofread my notes and doublecheck my numbers so am sure that I have the correct number of stockinette stitches.  It's always fun it finish and start something new.

Hope you are finding fun things to do while home more.  I keep thinking I'll get even more done but with spring now here, I really need to be outside.  I even washed some windows last week!  As much as I hate housework, that was probably the most significant acomplishment.

Take care and thanks for watching!

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