Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Face Masks and a Completed Sweater

Busy, busy.  You should see my craft room!  You can see a corner of it in these videos but you can't see all the fabric and work in progress on other tables.  You can't see the papercrafting stuff awaiting me on that work table.  I've been sewing masks and knitting when I have a chance.

This video shares what style of cloth masks I'm making and why.  I also share what type of fabrics I'm using and how I prepare them.  There are a couple of tips for making the ties - "bias" strips which aren't really bias cut.  It's long but I hope it will be helpful if you are wondering what masks to make.  I'm not authority at all. These are my choices based on what I've seen and read.  Links to the instructions for the masks are included in the video description.

In this second video, I share a completed sweater shown above and the progress I've made on my Noro poncho.  My last video introduced these projects.

Thanks for watching and I hope you are getting some crafting time if you are at home more.  Take care of yourself.


  1. You are so generous Lisa to be making these masks. I love the sweater you made - such a lovely colour and it looks really easy to wear and will go with so much. The poncho is looking amazing - those colours are so pretty

  2. Thank you. Hope you are doing okay with all that is going on.


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