Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Year of Cake

My husband suggested I bake my mother a different cake every month for a year.  She and I both thought that was a bit much but in January 2019, I found myself trying a new cheesecake recipe.  Then in February, I made a cake for Valentines and it went on from there.  I shared some cake with her, had some for ourselves and made a batch of cupcakes for a friend.  Some recipes were old favorites, others completely new to me. One flopped, literally the inside of the cake just flopped out onto the plate uncooked.  I made 11 cakes over last year which is a bit more baking than usual for me.

For the page, I marked ones we liked with hearts, or check marks or stars.  The page is a little crowded so the embellishment is minimal.

You could apply this idea to any hobby.  Most scrapbookers I know do other hobbies whether it is baking, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, painting, sewing.  Savor your little victories with photos to capture your work.  I mined my Instagram for most of these photos.

The process video is here:

Thanks for watching!

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