Saturday, July 28, 2018

Traditional Quilt in Progress

Quilting has been a craft I've picked up from time to time, making a couple of projects and then putting it aside for something else.  Most of my projects in the last 20 years have been less traditional.  I've done watercolor quilts where you take 2" squares and arrange them by value to create a design.  I've done other modern things of that type.  I did make a string quilt for our bed a few years ago but that doesn't really take a pattern.

I was finally in the mood to go back to more traditional quilting. I wanted to make something with half square triangles but I did not want stars.  Turns out such a block is a bit tough to find.  I settled on this block from Generations Quilt Patterns called the Hourglass block.  There are many other free quilt block patterns on this site.

I wanted mine to finish at 12" square and I wanted to use some quick cutting/piecing methods.  Here are a couple of those I found that I liked.

No Waste Flying Geese (this is the site I consulted though there are others)

Making 4 Half Square Triangles at once  These may finish at odd sizes and need to be cut down. 

The main fabric I used is from Northcott, the Chloe collection. 

This video shares how I selected my fabric and how the quilt is coming along.  Also it shows the No Waste Flying Geese technique starting about 12 minutes in.

I'm alternating working on this quilt along with the baby quilt and other projects as I have time.  I enjoy having several things going so I don't get bored working on one thing all the time.  Also if I get to a tough spot on a project and just have a few minutes, I can jump over to something easy on another project.

The next video will be back to papercrafting as I try to pare down my mists and do an art journal page.  Thanks for watching!

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