Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My first Free Motion Quilt

It's done!  My first free motion quilted quilt!  I've tied or tacked quilts.  I've used the walking foot, I've even hand quilted - a very long time ago.  But I'd never done more than a few frustrated minutes of free motion quilting until April.  I was determined to finally learn this. I still have quite a way to go but am very pleased with this first effort.

This is also an Improvisational Quilt - something I'd never heard of until a few months ago. You can learn many of these skills from YouTube videos. I used my Craftsy unlimited subscription to help me.

I used several Craftsy classes or rather parts of them to help me complete this project.  Here are all the ones I can remember:

Machine Quilting in Sections
Machine quilting Borders and Backgrounds by Angela Walters for the swirls
Improvisational Piecing
Start Up Library - Quilting
Fearless Free Motion

Here is the video sharing the quilt:

I have already purchased at least some of the fabric for 3 more projects with one underway.  I'm pleased that this one used a lot of what was in my stash so that makes me feel extra good.  So good that I bought all that new fabric.  Oh well, it means I must get to sewing.

(Adding these photos of a dress I bought at a consignment store so I can link them elsewhere on a Tag sale thread.  Great deal for $30 - fully lined.

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  1. It looks amazing Lisa! So so professional - and great to use up so much of your stash!


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