Friday, August 3, 2018

Art Journal Page and Clearing out Mists

I can't believe how long it has been since I played with my art journal.  It started because I wanted to move my mist collection.  I'm not using the mists that often anymore so they really don't need to be on display.  To move them to a basket inside a cabinet I needed to reduce the collection by at least 10 bottles.

The art journal page is where I used some of them one last time and also played with a few mists that I haven't used in a long time.  See both the sorting and the process for this page in the video.  In the video, I use some bookpapers.  You can find bookpaper and music paper collections at my Etsy shop:  Lovely Layers Art

The video is here:

Thanks for visiting today!

1 comment:

  1. First of all I love your rule about if it sprays it stays!! I recently went through my mists and made myself keep to one much smaller container. I love how you made the flowers from the book paper - they look fantastic!


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