Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fancy Pants box

I'm finding warehouse boxes a lot of fun to purchase.  The anticipation of getting them is more fun that a regular scrapbook order.  This surprises me as I'm not a person for surprises.  I like to know what is coming and I seldom do in any other aspect of my life.

But for some reason I'm enjoying these boxes.  I like getting so much stuff for a good price.  I like getting some things I might normally not purchase. This is my 4th in a year.  Fancy Pants offered a box last week and I got in on it very near the end I think. The box arrived promptly.  I love all my paper and some of the embellishments.  Actually I liked almost all the embellishments but I know I just won't use the holiday ones so I'm selling those on my etsy shop at: LovelyLayersArt.

Here's a video of what I got:

Have you tried ordering a warehouse box?

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  1. Great idea to decide straight away what you will keep.

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