Monday, January 16, 2017

58th Anniversary

Imagine sharing your life with someone for 58 years!  We celebrated my parents anniversary with them a few months ago.  I had a Biltmore House pass for a year and one of the benefits was to take people to one of their restaurants on Sunday without the other guests having to have a pass onto the estate.  It was a nice treat since my dad in particular likes buffets.  We also went to one of our favorite galleries in the Asheville area.

Here's the video for the two pager that includes creating a border from a background on the Silhouette:

And here is the sketch:

Thanks for watching!


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  2. I really enjoyed watching this video because I like that you used the papers that you had on hand. I frequently get stuck with my scrapbooking because what I envision doesn't match with the supplies I have. I liked seeing how you worked around that issue in this video. Thank you for another excellent video.


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