Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Revisiting Savannah

We got away for an entire week!  It was heavenly.  We seldom make plans anymore. When everyone is healthy and the weather is going to be nice, we just go if we can.

While at the beach, we visited Savannah.  It had been a few years.  The city is so lovely and best seen, I think, from a bicycle.  That is just the right pace to take in the architecture and parks.  Biking is big in the city with so many of the students at Savannah College of Art and Design zipping around town on their bikes.  We have to take care of all the different types of surfaces to ride on.  Savannah has everything - concrete, asphault, cobblestones, bricks, slate.  If you are careful, it is a very pleasant experience.

For the page, I used some October Afternoon and Silhouette die cuts to fill out this photo heavy page.

And here is the journaling:

With a full week in Hilton Head, we could spare a day to visit a favorite southern city, Savannah. The historical section of Savannah is large and best explored by bicycle so you can take in the gorgeous, varied architectural details on every single building.  We biked through the small parks, called squares, stopping in some for photos and continued along to Forsyth Park where we could bike to the fountain and around the perimeter.  It was a gorgeous spring day and some azaleas were still in bloom.  We went to the Riverfront carefully taking the steep old staircases but found no interest in shopping or dining there. I wanted to try one of the top rated restaurants in Savannahs, Zunzi’s.  It was a little bit of a challenge to find and defines ‘hole-in-the-wall.’  The ‘patio’ seating is tables in a parking lot.  After feeding the meter on Oglethorpe, we returned to get our food before the regular crowds.  They gave Lenny samples and he soon decided on the conquistador chicken sandwich.  I had so much food, we made meals for both of us from the leftovers the next day.  It was a brief trip to Savannah this time but other than a little unpleasant smells, an enjoyable change of pace.  Soon, though, we were back on our island.

Here is the process video:

And the sketch is:

Thanks for visiting today!

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  1. Great sketch and great LO. I'd love to visit Savannah one day. I really like your "lace/iron work". Perfect pattern papers too!


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