Friday, April 1, 2016

To gesso or not to gesso?

That was the question I received a few weeks ago from a YouTube viewer.  I was asked if I gesso my pages first.  Actually, I think many people do but I don't.  I tried gesso  - a thick white primer paint -  a couple of years ago when I first experimented with art journaling and couldn't see much difference.

Still the question nagged me a bit.  I hadn't tried gesso on my Strathmore journals and I hadn't tried it with gelli printing, something I do often.  So I did this experiment.  The right hand page is gessoed and the left hand one isn't.

Here's the process video where I share what I did and some thoughts:

Spoiler alert!  I really won't be changing my process much after this comparison.

Thanks for watching!


  1. Thanks for doing this experiment. It's really interesting to see the difference with and without gesso. I like your prints with the mini gelli plate too.

  2. I like watching your process videos Lisa-this is a great one and it inspires me to try something out of my box-I have all the stuff just don't do it for some reason


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