Saturday, April 16, 2016

Believe- Wall Decor (video)

For $3 I bought a plain thick chipboard word at Hobby Lobby a few months ago.  It is Paper Studio and it was one of those 50% off all Paper Studio sales.  I planned to do it for Christmas but never got around to it.  Now I'm glad I didn't.  I used colors from my guest bedroom/craftroom and can use it year round.

To cover the plain chipboard, I gelli printed thin materials like tissue papers, dictionary paper and deli paper.  The video shares the gelli printing as well as covering the chipboard piece which is easy if a bit messy.

In my Etsy shop is a sampler pack of papers perfect for gelli printing.  I also put together more packs and renewed the listing for bookpapers as the first one sold out. Thanks to my customers! The shop is here.

Here's the process video for this project:

Thanks for watching!

1 comment:

  1. Yay on selling out of your first paper packs! Here's to many more sales.
    I just love how that project came out. The colours are so pretty. I love the definition that final coat of paint gives.


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