Sunday, January 18, 2015

Printing on a Journaling Card

I used to fuss with Microsoft Word and my printer.  I think this was before anyone even made journaling cards. I would figure out what size journaling block I needed and cut it out of cardstock.  Then I would resize my Word document to that size and type in my text.  Then I would send the document to print inserting the often small piece of cardstock into my printer.  Usually this worked although there were sometimes paper jams or I hadn't sized things right and would start over.  Often the printer would rub a little black ink on the edge of my cardstock just to irritate me.

Eventually I learned an easier way.  I believe I learned this from Nichol Magourik videos (Thanks, Nichol!).  Type up my text on regular paper, and then adhere my cardstock or journaling card or tag over the text and reprint.

I've added one more step that makes it easier for me to line things up.  Recently I had a question about how I printed on a tag so I did this video.  I've used a 3" x 4" journaling card but you could work with other sizes and shapes.  The card here is from my last process video for the layout "Spring or Fall?"

Be sure to adhere your card well to your main paper so it doesn't come loose and jam.  This is mostly about learning your printer and what it will handle. My old Epson will handle just about anything.

In the video I also talk about what style of printer works best for this technique.

Watch at YouTube:

I appreciate your questions!  Thanks for watching.


  1. I use the same technique and it's never failed me. I love it for printing on tags as well. Great post, Lisa!

  2. Thanks for the tips, Lisa. I especially like the tip for aligning the card when you can't see through it. I have an HP printer, which requires front-loading and full "up and over" paper movement, as you also illustrated. For that reason, I have to load my paper face-down to get the image on the paper where I want it.

  3. I have always adhered the card stock or journal block to the copy paper.
    But then again I am not technical, so I would never figure out how to resize my document, lol.
    I also paper piece my images like this as well :)

  4. Great tips Lisa! I have always been surprised at what I could feed through my printer to get my text printed on my pretty papers. :)

  5. Great video, thanks Lisa. I've always been too scared to try this in case my printer jams. Do you think using wash tape to stick the card on would work? I use a Canon printer which loads from the back like yours


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