Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turf War - process video

Continuing on using this sketch, I have a story about my cat and a bird.  Depending on whether you are a cat person or a birder, this story may be one of triumph or tragedy.

Jasper is a ground kitty.  Mice and baby bunnies are in fear of him and as well they should be.  However, he does not like heights.  The most he will climb is onto a table in front of the kitchen window to signal to us he wants to be fed - cat food only, no table food.  I've never even seen him on the porch railings.  He hangs out on the floor mostly.

Most summers I have a bird that wants to build a nest in my hanging baskets.  This hasn't been a problem - not for the cat.  I find it annoying, but the cat is definitely not going to get anywhere near a hanging basket so no issue.  This year though we had a bird that wanted something else.  We are not sure what.  He or she didn't seem interested in any of the plants.  The bird kept picking at the cat, flying in as close as possible.  Jasper ignored it. Eventually it dive bombed him, zooming in to pluck at the cat's fur.  That was just too far.

We knew how this was going to end.  Sooner or later that bird just would not be fast enough.  Sure enough, one evening I walked up on the porch and there was a patch of blood and a gray and white feather sticking to it.

We never saw another bird on the porch all summer.

The photos are one of him chattering at the bird and one of the bird squawking though he is hard to see.

For the page, I did some flipping to get the sketch to work with the way I needed to orient my photos.  I also extended the journaling block to add a little subtitle.

Here is the video at YouTube:

If you have an outdoor kitty, I'm sure you have been through this before.  It can be a cruel world in the animal kingdom but mostly they live in peace.  As a coincidence, I repainted my feeder yesterday and filled it for the first time this season this morning.  The birds found it within the hour.  As long as they stay off the porch, we have no worries.

To catch up with my gratitudes...yesterday I was thankful for the walk we got to take on the last warm day for a long while.  Today I'm thankful for the technology we enjoy every day.

Check back next week for the last of the layouts using this sketch.  If you like using sketches multiple ways, check out the Scrapinar available on the blog's sidebar - Sketchbook Secrets.  Lots of new layouts and ideas.


  1. Love your story, Lisa! And as always your scrapbook pages are full of wonderful details and so inspiring!
    Our cat is an also an indoor/outdoor kitty and we have 4 bird believe me, I can relate!
    But our Chloe is getting up there in age (16!) she has not been interested in the birds anymore.

  2. So cool - I love how different this is from the first LO using that same sketch


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