Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Gratitude and TrueScrap Discount Ending

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How was your Thanksgiving?

I had a really nice Thanksgiving week.  Now for me that is quite remarkable because I admit I'm a Thanksgiving Scrooge.

Turkey is not my favorite and I just plain don't like stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie.  You can imagine how I feel about cooking all that for only 3 other people.  So this year I cooked ham, sweet potatoes (the one traditional item I do like) and pumpkin pie for my husband who loves it.  I had plenty of chocolate ice cream in the freezer so I survived the holiday just find :-)

The other reason I'm a Scrooge at Thanksgiving is that something always goes wrong in November.  And plenty did this year but the week of Thanksgiving ran smoothly and I enjoyed myself a lot.

My parents joined us for lunch and seemed to really like the meal.  I got all my Christmas decorations up by Wednesday afternoon.  I even vacuumed and put the boxes back upstairs!  We helped my parents rake leaves getting that task completed before the holiday also.  I had my first experience using a blower.  If my aunt was watching us out her kitchen window, I'm sure she had a chuckle or two at my efforts although I did get the hang of it.

I do love decorating for Christmas, I like the baking, cardmaking and sharing, and just the general feel of Christmas.

So I have several things to be grateful for this week including:

My mother starting me on decorating my garlands.  It was her idea to put a garland up the stairway years ago and she bought a lot of my ornaments at after Christmas sales.  She is not a shy shopper and has been known to climb up on displays to get the ornaments she wants.  I've added to the collection and still love my garlands.  I finally gave in and went to a small artificial tree rather than a large real one.

My family for being flexible in what they eat for Thanksgiving (since I'm the only one who cooks, they don't have a lot of choice but still...)

My first Etsy sale!

Electric leaf blowers and mowers that pick up leaves.  I remember as a teenager having to rake and haul and we did the work in a quarter of the time with the right equipment.  The 50 year old trees at my parents house produce a lot of leaves!

My husband who is the most easy going person in the world taking everything in stride.

With just a hectic month, I haven't always noted my gratitudes but I do find myself counting my blessings more even if I don't write them down.  So for that I'm also grateful to November.

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  1. Congrats on the Etsy sale!!!

  2. Congratulations on your first sale, Lisa! I'm glad you can adapt your Thanksgiving meal to make everyone happy. :)

  3. So many lovely things to be grateful for Lisa :)
    I hardly ever cook anything I don't like to eat, lol.
    So when I do cook chilli, I remind my husband how much I must love him, teehee.
    Your garland with the ornaments is lovely.


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