Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Number Thickers, More Birthdays

Almost everyone in my family has a BIG birthday this year.  We celebrated Lenny's birthday over several weeks in June and July because he visited his family for several weeks, too.  The photos here are from right around his birthday when he was chatting with family on the phone and when we went chair shopping.  His gift was a new office chair.  He spends a lot of time in there and he seems to really like the new chair.

I highlighted the birthday in the border of various ages in Thickers.  You could do the same thing in stickers if you had some you wanted to use up.  There is nothing special about the ages in black and dark gray.  They are just random numbers I wanted to use up.

I had the most fun punching out some shapes from a Crate Paper pattern paper printed with various bottle caps.  I like the "You are here" and the "One Way" because you really only get to do the ages "one way."  (Although sometimes I think my parents are in reverse when they get into silly "did not/did too" arguments.)

For the matting, I used a Crafter's Workshop stencil two ways and some textbook paper from an architectural textbook I got at the used book store.  Stencils are so much fun to work with, take up almost no space and are very economical.  And that is why.....

My next class is on using Stencils!  The class will be available in September and I think you are going to love it.  So stay tuned, more details will be coming along soon.

For now, here is the process video for this page:

And here is the sketch:
Speaking of sketches, the Sketchbook Secrets scrapinar is now available for purchase:

Thanks for watching!  The August newsletter will be out next week.


  1. Really great page - and I love that idea to use up Thickers that way!

  2. Another great way to use up your thickers and numbers.
    Great take on your sketch as well :)


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