Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Burlap Flowers

In marketing, they say that customers have to see, hear or read something at least 3 times before they retain it.  Apparently, I have to see things several times before a light bulb goes off that says "oh, hot trend!" I've been seeing burlap in the craft stores in various places and it wasn't until I was browsing an on-line scrapbooking store for flowers that it really hit me - burlap is hot.

Whether something is a hot trend really doesn't matter.  What matters is whether you like it.  Do I like burlap?  I can take it or leave it.  I do like a change sometimes and the texture is interesting.  So finally my consciousness was sufficiently awakened to this trend when I spied a burlap hydrangea in the floral department at Hobby Lobby the other day.  It was probably more because I love hydrangeas than anything.

For these cards, I pulled the petals of the hydrangea and did a bit of coloring mostly with spray mists.  Toward the end of the video below, I tried gelatos on them and I have to admit. They work better.  Both do a good job of recoloring the burlap but the gelatos are permanent.  So when you go over them with other mists or Stickles, the color doesn't bleed.  Mists reactivate when mixed with another water based product which is why my flowers have a pink/purple Stickle border.  I actually used clear stickles on them and the Stickles reactivated the pink Dylusions mists and voila, pink Stickles!

Either way is a fun effect.  It is just whatever you are looking for.

Here is the process video for the card that includes a bit on the background also with gelatos:

I'm still mostly working through my stash this summer but it was fun to try something completely different.  I'm not sure I'd ever done anything with burlap before and I thought I'd tried every type of fabric possible.

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  1. love the backgrounds you created Lisa-had to laugh at your comment about the burlap trend-I see a trend and then let it go by or buy it when its on the way out (lol)!!

  2. Your flowers look awesome!
    They look great on your cards :)


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