Saturday, December 7, 2013

Henry Ford Museum - 2 Pager with Sketch

We are back on-line. Yippee!!! One of the first things I did yesterday was to upload a video.  This one is a double pager - a 12x12 Page along with a pocket page to fit in all the photos.

The layout is about our trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit.  What an extensive collection!  My husband walked through memory lane giving me a tour of some of the farm equipment he remembered from his childhood.  We then explored the museum separately.  I came upon an old diner and sampled the dessert -  I really tried to find my husband to share, truly I did :-)  We loved the round aluminum house which I'll do on its own layout as it was so unique.  I also took a lot of photos of a '60's Holiday Inn motel room.  That may seem very strange but it was exactly the type of place we stayed on vacation so often and I wanted them for my childhood album.

For the page, I used the Persimmon collection from BasciGrey and some die cuts off the Cricut.  The pocket page is on the left as I plan to use the back side for some other layouts from this trip that will preceed our trip to the museum.  This let me use the 2" x 12" strip for the title.

The diamond border strip is trimmed from pattern paper.

"Take it Forward" is cut from the museum ticket.

The museum staff is very welcoming and happy to take your photo in a vintage Ford.  Here's the process video on YouTube:

And the sketches:

Thanks for watching today!


  1. Great 2 page layout.
    Sounds like a fun place to check out. I am sure my SIL and her husband have been there as well :)

  2. This is a great way to do a 2-page layout! Glad you enjoyed the museum. That aluminum house is pretty amazing!

  3. Love the combo of a traditional 12x12 with a page protector. This is how I like to do two-pagers too. :) Looks like a fun place to visit and I love how you created the "wheel" embellishments!


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