Thursday, December 5, 2013

Altered Boxes

I wanted to do something mixed media for gifts but I know that not everyone has room for a canvas in their home or enjoys that style.  So I decided to do some altered photo boxes.  That way if the recipient likes it, she can display or if she doesn't, it's still good for storage.

These are for my last two customers of my window treatment business.  I guess I wouldn't really need to do customer appreciation gifts since I'm going out of business but I still appreciate these ladies.  Since I've done their entire houses over the years, I know their colors and things they like.  One of my ladies loves, loves birds.  Any fabric with birds was always considered - though not always chosen - for her home.  Another client likes purple, black and gold.  So these are my boxes using techniques from Christi Tomlinson's Behind the Art class.

For this one, I did the entire box though I kept the bottom really simple with just a stencil, stamp and a color wash of Mod Podge and a little ink.

For this one, I used a stencil and modeling paste for the raised design.  The large "K" was painted and then misted.  The mist won't hold up to more coats of Mod Podge as it is water soluble so it was the last coat.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. So beautiful and so thoughtful of you, Lisa! I'm sorry to hear you are closing your business.

  2. These are truly beautiful, Lisa. Excellent job! You're really perfecting these techniques. Thanks for sharing.


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