Monday, October 7, 2013

Mixed Media Girl

For the canvas I posted last week, I decided to try creating a girl.  'Girls' are Christy Tomlinson's signature design element on her canvases. When I took her class I remember thinking I'd never try one of the girls.  No way could I do a face.

Well, this one doesn't really have a face, at least not facial features.  I followed the instructions on the video to keep her whimsical.  I was very pleased with how the shading turned out... the 2nd time through.

You see when I first did the canvas I didn't worry much about wrinkles in some of the layers as that adds texture.  However, a wrinkle right down the middle of the face is not texture, it just didn't work.  So after several attempts to paint over and add shading, I finally gave her the ultimate 'chemical' peel.  I removed the layers of paper and paint on the face and took it back to the canvas.  Then I added the paint and just started that part over. It worked!

Her dress starts with paper and then has layers of paint and rubons.

It was a fun project.  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I'm enjoying your mixed media projects so much, Lisa. This is beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful!!!!
    I love your girl :)


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