Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grocery List Organizer

For the longest time, we had out grocery list attached to the refrigerator with a binder clip on an old piece of chipboard we had scribbled phone numbers on.  I thought we could do a little better than that so I did this project over the summer.  Since I was using fall papers, I decided not to post until fall.  This has given us a chance to use our new grocery list and coupon organizer on the refrigerator for several months.  It is working very well.  The only challenge is that some of the magnetic strip came loose and I had to go over it again with the hot glue gun. Since then it has been fine.

There are probably more technological ways to keep track of what we need from the store but we find that just jotting them down on the refrigerator as we run out of things works for us.

I typed up the grocery list in Word using major categories in the order they are in the store I go most frequently.  We shop at Walmart occasionally getting other things besides groceries so I wanted a list for that store as well.  We don't take a newspaper or magazines so few coupons come into the house but when they do, it is nice to see them so I'll remember to use them.

For the project, I used a chipboard base - a piece left from some packing materials, probably the back of a pack of pattern paper.  The papers are Harvest Lane by Simple Stories.  It is a very inexpensive project.

Here is the video for the project.  I did a voice over for the entire thing which is a little low for some reason.  You may need to turn the volume up just a bit on this one.

Watch at YouTube:

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  1. What a neat idea, Lisa. At our house, this board would need to accommodate a monthly calendar page even more than a grocery list. I may give this a try! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is awesome :)
    Great colours you used.
    We too jot down what we need on the fridge as we need it.
    Funny thing, I was going to post my memo board I altered for my post today...but the walking dead won out, lol.

  3. You've created such a fabulous board!! Love the envelope that you decorated for coupons along with the clips for the lists. And a magnet on the pencil... genius!!

  4. This is awesome, Lisa! I recently did something similar, but it's an altered clipboard. :)

  5. What a great idea. Thanks for the video, too. I think I'll have to try to make one of these at some point.


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