Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home on the Island

Lately, I've been thinking more about my style in scrapbooking.  What is my style?  I like to try lots of different things. Do I even have a defined style?  In thinking about my process and looking at pages, I've noticed that I:

  • like to use all or most of the real estate on the page.  Seldom is there a border all the way around.  
  • Still, there is usually at least a corner for the eye to rest just like I advise customers to do with a room.  Leave at least one wall clean so the eye has somewhere to rest.  I don't know where I learned that but I like the philosophy.
  • The paper and embellishments support the photo.  They convey a mood that goes with the photo and story or at least I hope they do.  This layout is an example.
One of the things I most love about Hilton Head Island is that when you step off the beach, you are in the shade.  Most of the island still has a large number of trees. They have preserved some forested acreage here and there as undeveloped.  While there is plenty of development, those tall pines between the houses and along the bike paths make the island so peaceful and relaxing.  Plus they really help on hot summer days.

The condo we always stay in is a restful place with palms and other trees on the grounds.  The buildings are on 'stilts' and everything is wood.  

For my layout about the place we always rent, I stamped some Sahara Sand cardstock with a wood grain stamp and layered pieces along the bottom using brads like nails on the lower edge.  For the top of the page, I stamped some Echo Park paper with a branch and leaf design.  It is a simple page, yet it immediately conveys the way I feel in these condos - relaxed and peaceful.

One other aspect of my style is that my embellishments have to have meaning.  They have to support the theme as well.  Many times I wish I could let go of this but I can't put a butterfly on a page unless there was a butterfly around when we took the picture or it is an appropriate symbol of life.  It's crazy and I wish I could lighten up a bit on this.

One embellishment that is exempt is ribbon.  I love ribbon and trims - the seamstress in me - and they go on my pages, relevant or not. This little yellow pom pom fringe has been on so many layouts I can't even count and I still love it.

The most wonderful thing about scrapbook is there are no rules.  Whatever our styles, we can create pages we love.

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  1. Creating something you love sounds just right! It's a philosophy I'm trying to follow in cardmaking. Sometimes I'm more successful than at other times, but I almost always manage to have fun. I'm glad that you do, too! Merry Christmas!

  2. Lovely page, and I enjoy reading about defining your style. That's something I feel like I'm constantly working at, and we have lots of things in common - white space and meaning, for example.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your style. I think about mine too, but have never written about it. This is a beautiful page. I love the stamping and I find the page very serene and soothing because of the colors.

  4. I enjoyed reading your entry and viewing your layout! Love your style!

  5. Beautiful page, and it looks like a lovely place to be.
    As for a style...I don't think I have one. But I'm okay with that. I am just happy if I make a layout, lol.


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