Sunday, December 30, 2012

Changes at Operation Write Home

If you send cards to Operation Write Home, be sure to check out their 'mailroom' section of the website before sending your next box.  They are down to two shippers and are asking us to send envelopes with the cards.  East coast residents like me will send our boxes to Kris in Kansas.

I was just ready to send off a box when I read about the envelopes and I have a confession.  My first reaction was 'Oh, I'd better go out and get some envelopes because I don't want to use up all my good Stampin' Up! envelopes.'  I was soon chiding myself about this.  Really, who deserves my good envelopes more than our troops?  And who needs a good quality envelope more than someone who has to mail their card half a world away??

So I was a bit ashamed of myself and promptly got those SU! envelopes out and my cards tucked in for mailing.  I don't think OWH cares what kind of envelope as long as the size is right.

A couple of the Valentine's I sent are shown above.  I didn't get as many cards sent to them this year. I'm not alone.  That is why they are down to two shippers.  They don't need as many cards as they once did but STILL do NEED cards!  So if you have been sending them cards, keep them coming just check their site for more details on what they need.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year!  And I hope you will visit again on New Year's Day.  I'll have a new video for you to start off the New Year!

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  1. these are just the cutest valentine cards Lisa-time to start thinking about making those again-I love that sweet elephant-and such a good cause to send them off to the troops-check my blog again I took your suggestion and added the photo of my dh and the snowwoman


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