Monday, November 26, 2012

Us? Shop?

Hi!  Hope all my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

We went out for dinner this year - my parent's choice.  I wonder if that says something about the meal I fixed last Thanksgiving. :-)  Oh, well.  I baked pies later in the day on Thursday.  I'd promised Lenny a pumpkin pie since I made pumpkin cake last year.  I also made a coconut cream for myself.  Umm! I've shared some of it so I haven't been a total pig though I have to admit doing so reluctantly.

Not making an entire meal left me time to do another Thanksgiving weekend tradition and that is shop!  Two Peas started their sale on Thanksgiving day so I had fun picking out a good variety of items for my bucket.  Also, grabbed a couple of other on-line bargains for Christmas shopping.  We don't do a lot of gift exchanging anymore.  Oddly, my Mother is the one I'm clueless about this year.  She is usually the easiest to buy for.  Will have to give it more thought.

I finished this layout early in the weekend and it seems appropriate for this time of year.  When I visit my friend Karen, we are sure to visit the local crafting stores.  Twice now we have furniture shopped while I've been there. (Her husband might wish I'd stay home!)  Hey, a sale is a sale.

The papers and embellishments are from an ArtfulDelight kit.  They are mostly Basic Grey Paper Cottage. Behind the cutout of SHOP, I layered 4 Washi tapes and then used them again to pull some color to the edges of the layout.

Thanks for visiting today! Back to work for me.  Hope you have a productive Cyber Monday.

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  1. Loved the craft shopping - and love the new recliner! Now if I can just learn to craft in the recliner. :-)


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