Monday, November 12, 2012

Mini Album: from 12x12 pages to gift album, part 1

Over the last few months, I've created and shared many pages from our family vacation.  I also wanted to use these photos in a mini album for my stepdaughter.  A couple of weeks ago I pulled together the photos and papers and started filming.  I've worked on the album along with other projects.  It was easy to go back and forth once a kit was created and I had a basic arrangement for the pages.

Here are the first 4 pages in the album.  I'll be sharing these all week along with the videos of how I went from my 12x12 designs to an 8x8 format.

Doing this project was a lot like the way I used to do albums where everything was coordinated.  Since everything was not coordinated in my 12x12 pages, I had some adjustments to make for the smaller album.

These two pages from the 8x8 (on top)  are much like these two from my 12x12 album that are covered in this post.

For the 8x8, the banner goes across just the journaling and the title changed a bit. The journaling was left much the same just removing a few of my personal impressions.

For the following page, I kept it much like the original with the two of the same photos and title and added all the journaling in a pocket on top.  Here is the original. 

So here is how I got started on the mini album...

Watch at YouTube

Thanks for visiting!  Tomorrow I'll go through my process for arranging an album to make it easy to work on along with other projects.


  1. Awesome album! I love all those banners!

  2. What a wonderful project. Your stepdaughter will certainly appreciate the time you took to convert these and create her album.

  3. Great pages for fitting in lots of journalling!

  4. That looks great! What a wonderful gift for your step-daughter. x

  5. Great idea to re-create your pages to 8x8. Great gift idea!

  6. Great album and terrific idea to recreate the pages.

  7. Great layouts. I like the idea of making a gift album out of the 8x8 sizes.


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