Monday, May 14, 2012

That 70's Look

This is one of those photos that could tell a dozen stories - friends of the family, my Dad, the setting.  For this layout I started with an easy one - the 70's look.  In the mid-70's we wore a lot of red white and blue in honor of the bicentennial.  Bell bottoms and polyester were popular.  The little purse in the photo brings back a lot of memories.  If you experienced this decade, did you have one of these?  The purse had wooden handles and a buttoned on cover.  You could buy covers in different colors to change your look.  My aunt stitched up a bunch of reversible ones for me to change out depending on my outfit.

I used to have a passion for pocketbooks.  Now when I finally find one that meets my requirements, I carry it it until it falls apart!  Funny how our tastes and priorities can change.

The Little Yellow Bicycle Saturday's collection had the perfect colors and embellishments for this page.  The red paisley reminds me of bandannas - another 70's staple.  I used to wear them around my head like a head band.  I'm glad that is a look that hasn't come back!

This denim trim with the grommets has been in my stash for years.  I think it came from Wal-mart.

Thanks for dropping by today and revisting 70's fashion with me.


  1. Oh my! The 70s! I had an involuntary shudder down my spine. ;-) That was a strange period of time, and you have done well in capturing it. I never had one of those pocketbooks, but I did know about them. Cute!

  2. Great layout for a great era :)
    The 80's were even worse for style, teehee.

  3. Really great page! I love how the papers mimic the fashions of the time.


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