Sunday, December 11, 2011

Scent to drive for

At the end of the gentle yoga class I take, the instructor does a very brief scalp massage as part of the relaxation portion (everyone's favorite) of the class.  My regular instructor is on vacation.  When her substitute got to me on Friday, she had the most amazing scent on her hands.  After class, I immediately asked about it and she showed me a bottle of Tranquility massage oil from O My Soap.  She told me she got it at a local farmer's market.

It was as if that oil was catnip and I were a cat!  I could not get the smell out of my head - literally for about 2 hours and then for the rest of the day.  I had to find it.  You see, it smelled just like my favorite Caswell Massey lotion that was discontinued a few years ago.  It is like hyacinths. 

So Saturday morning I woke up thinking "farmer's market." Those are usually on Saturdays so I started my quest.  The market is closed for the winter but in my search I found the Oh My Soap people at a local craft fair where they did not have any of the Tranquility oil.  Boo! But she gave me the number of their business and I went over there.  After a bit of waiting, I finally had a bottle of this marvelous stuff in my hands!  I also picked up some Peony soap which smells wonderful, too.

Of course, I'm delighted to find this smell but also to promote this local business.  Oh My Soap has been in business for 10 years and they make all their products in our area.  Here is their website: O My Soap. It is a shame you can't smell stuff on the Internet.  Maybe that will be the next product - a computer that lets you smell.

Now I just need my masseuse but he is busy delivering a baby.  Well, not literally, but shortly I'll have info on the latest addition to the family...

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