Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Tips

"Imagine" what wonderful new things await us in the new year.  I'm already thinking of what I want to make and what direction I want to take my blog.  As usual, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.  It is still 2011 and a chance to look at what I've learned this year.

A Two Peas customer posted this question on their message board:

"What is the best tip you learned in 2011?"

Many of us contributed responses. (Here's the thread:  Tips thread at  One of my favorite responses to this thread was the reminder that you can learn just about anything on YouTube.  I watched one of those helpful videos a few days ago.  It was on making your own shimmer paint using Crystal Effects or Glossy Accents + ink from a reinker + Perfect Pearls (or another pearl powder).  I experimented and created the flowers on the card above and the hearts on this card...

My paint didn't have as much shimmer as the example but it has a great sheen.  It looks like frosted nail polish.

Watch Roxycar11's video at:  Shimmer Paint

In the video she uses black paper for her base.  I figured out why when I experimented.  You get more shimmer painting on a dark background.

So what is your favorite tip from 2011?

On a personal note, we spent a very quiet Christmas at home.  My husband who wanted to 'skip Christmas' ended up skipping it in bed.  He had a terrible sore throat and some other cold symptoms so he has been taking it easy and I've been his nurse.  I'm a terrible nurse so I'm expecting him to perk up any day now :-) He just ran himself silly in December visiting family and then trying to catch up in about 3 days when he got home.  Fortunately, he is feeling better.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. So is that how I help my hubby get better, be a terrible nurse, teehee, you are funny.
    I too read that post on 2peas. Lots of good tips.
    Your shimmer paint turned out so pretty :)

  2. these are 2 really pretty cards Lisa nad I love the shimmer - thanks for the tip & link on how to make your own-sorry your hubby was down & out on christmas-glad he is doing better

  3. Very cool technique. Both cards are delightful. Hope your husband is doing better, and that you have a very Happy New Year!


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