Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TIPsy Tuesday - United Front

Looking at this card, you might think this is a TIP on what NOT to do and it sort of is.  I wanted to make a collage type card but I wanted something that looked more cohesive than what I was getting.  Originally I had all these little circle designs placed on white cardstock and they looked even worse.   Just like in fashion, black is a great color for rescuing a color scheme gone wrong.  In my case, I just had too many bold colors competing for attention.  So the black backround helped but it needed something else.

If black worked for the background, why not for the final layer?  I'd planned to add buttons and brads of varying bright colors.  What worked was to use a black button in the center of each of my circle embellishments.  The buttons didn't have to be the same size or even the same shape.   They just had to be the same as the background to pull it together.

So if you have a time consuming card heading toward the trash, take another look and see if a neutral color can rescue your project.

Oh and here is one more card made with the leftovers - no red/rust, very little white and no black as it was busy but not too bad.  Also I used a scallop for the background of every circle which gave it more continuity.

Thanks for visiting today!

Ingredients:  Stamps:  Big Flowers and Polka Dot Punches by Stampin' Up!
Ink:  several of the Brights color scheme
Cardstock:  Daffodil Delight


  1. Very bright and pretty cards. I don't use black as a prominent color on my cards very often, going to have to see if that can help some of my "needs something else" cards. Thanks for sharing the black idea.

  2. Love the little black dress analogy! Black is one of my favorite go-to accent or background colors. I like the second card, too, the color repetition does tie it all together so well!

  3. Oh the magic of black! LOVE your rescued card with the little black buttons. So cute and fun as is the second card.. a great way to use the leftovers!


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