Monday, April 11, 2011

Studio Wall Quilt

The room that I use for paper crafting is our guest bedroom.  It has a wonderful high cathedral ceiling that brings in beautiful morning light.  Opposite the wall with a window is another high wall which until this week held and old wall hanging I made for my stepdaughters back when mauve, green and a country look were popular.

About I’d say five years ago(?),  I made a wall quilt top that was the perfect size for this space in the guest room.  I kept putting off quilting it until I mastered free form quilting on my machine.  While I’d like to tell you that I finally quilted it because I have indeed mastered machine quilting, the reality is I got awfully tired of the old wall hanging and was ready to finally finish decorating this room.  (It is pretty bad for someone in my profession to have a room with nothing matches.) I realized that the wall hanging would be so far up above eye level that not one would really see my quilting!  I did a fairly decent job (though certainly not masterful) after I ripped out some of my first work.  Most importantly I got it done and here it is - something a bit more modern and in colors that match the room.

The quilt is composed of 2 inch squares sewn together.  This is similar to the process of watercolor quilting which I fell in love with several years ago.  However my hands do not allow me to use a rotary cutter.  I don’t know why but I can cut with scissors; however, a couple of minutes with the rotary cutter and my hand just aches.  Anyway, to piece together my hand cuts slightly off squares I rely on a wonderful product called Quilt Smart  It is fuseable interfacing with a 2 inch grid.  So you have a terrific background  to lay out your project and add a great way to hold everything together to make sewing easy and best of all accurate.

My goal with this room is to have only handmade items for wall art. This is the only thing I have up so far so I have quite a ways to go. My next task is to get my uncle to build me a picture ledge to hold completed scrapbook pages. 

I hope you'll stop back by tomorrow for Tipsy Tuesday. Also coming up next Sunday I am participating in my very first Blog Hop. It's very exciting what we're up to - more details to follow up… 


  1. It is beautiful and fits the space brilliantly - you are very talented :0)

  2. Beautiful. Until you get you picture ledge, you could put a few push pins at the height of the picture ledge, loop string (or twine) on the pins (like a wash line), and clip (clothespins) your pages to the string.

  3. What a perfect spot for the quilt! The white background really makes those colors pop. My mom and sisters quilts, but I've never tried. It's on my To Do Someday list.

  4. Your wall hanging is stunning.
    I am interested in that blocked interfacing. That looks interesting.
    Again your quilt is beautiful.


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