Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabric Miracle

It's a miracle!  Ok, not really, but it is a record.   I bought fabric to make something for our house and completed the project within the first month! 

This is amazing because usually, ok always, the project is conceived, the fabric is purchased and then it sits - for months, sometimes years!  I think the average is something like 2 years between purchase and my actually making something for myself.  I have some drapery fabric for the dining room that I know I've had a good 4 years.  It's gorgeous fabric but no one can see that all rolled up. 

Anway, when we went on vacation, we shopped in the lovely town of Healdburg, CA. All the shops around the town square were upper end, I'd say, and I was amazed to come to a fabric store!  We don't have many fabric stores at all and certainly not on the town square.  I oohed and aahed over everything.  Fabrications, the store's name, had very high end quilt fabrics and I was especially delighted to find some in weights suitable for table linens.  (yes, I know you have to be a fabric junkie to get excited about that.)

And so I just had to buy some of these beautiful fabrics for a table cloth and napkins.  We are already enjoying them because I promised myself these would not sit and wait on me to get to making something for myself.

I'd purchased a cookbook that day and along with these fabrics were the momentos I brought home from our trip.  Very suitable since we spent so much time eatting wonderful food in Sonoma County.  I've made a couple of recipes and then got derailed when the stove died.  It is finally fixed.  Yippee!  I'll have to pull out the cookbook and see what I was planning to try next.  For now, I'm just happy to boil water.

Happy Friday!  What will you do with your extra hour this weekend?


  1. Beautiful fabric and a wonderful tablecloth! At least you can sew - I got a "D" in that phase of Home Ec!

  2. Soooo pretty. I so get the fabric excitement.


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