Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TIPsy Tuesday Kickoff

Welcome to to my first TIPsy Tuesday! No alcohol is involved, I promise. Unless of course we can figure out a way to use Margaretta Mix in a cool stamping technique.

Seriously, every Tuesday I’ll post a Tip, Technique, or my take on a Tool you can use in your paper or fabric crafts. To kick things off, I’m going to do 2 tips this week.

First off, ribbons. We all love putting ribbon on our cards. Correction, we love having ribbon on our cards; but getting it to stay on and look pretty can be a fuss. There are several techniques; more will be covered in coming weeks. Today, I’m showing you something really simple. To get the ribbon to look pretty and stay put (and I’ve handled this sample a lot so I know it stays put), is very easy. Plus we are only using a small amount of ribbon. This works particularly well with thicker ribbons that are hard to tie in double knots.

1. Cut a ribbon 5" and tie a single knot. Trim the ends as desired.
2. Position the knot however you want it to be on our card.
3. Slip glue dots under the ends – not under the knot. You can put a glue dot under the knot if you want but it isn’t necessary.
4. Press lightly to keep the ribbon in place. Too much pressure will make the glue dots stand out under the ribbon. If you have a very light weight ribbon, place your glue dot under the knot and use a little glue stick under ends to keep it in place.

My second tip is for ink distressing the edge of paper. For Stampin’ Up! customers, use Sahara Sand for a beautiful natural color to add an aged look to your lighter papers. I used the color here on this white tag.

When distressing the edge, hold the paper steady and move the stamp pad over the edges. Put a little more ink on the corners. For darker papers, Basic Brown works well. We often focus on the basic 48 colors and the In Colors. Don’t forget to work those neutrals!

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