Friday, April 3, 2009

Sheer Delight

A few weeks ago a customer called and asked for gold sheers. My first thought was the type of sheer on the far right of this photo, a plain voile fabric colored gold. Then I quickly thought of all the beautiful patterned sheers I have and our choices opened up extensively. We looked at other solids but with some texture to them in various shades of gold. Her final choice was the diamond printed sheer on the left. It has a little texture and shading in the fabric and the diamond print is embroidered. I'm working with this fabric now and it is just beautiful. I can't wait to see them installed.
One of the other benefits besides the beautiful pattern and texture is the weight. While the fabric is still technically a sheer and will be unlined, it is heavy enough to hang alone without draperies - just what she wanted.
When you have a sliding door, french door or large window to cover, consider using sheer panels rather than draperies. You can draw them to filter light or let them hang in panels on the side. Sheers come in a wide range of colors and patterns adding a light, finishing touch to the room.

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