Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chipboard Challenge

A popular activity on crafting sites is to host a challenge. For card making, these are often color challenges. Someone selects colors that you might not think to put together and people post cards they make with these colors. It really expands your ideas on what colors work together.

I'm issuing myself a challenge. Use some of my expansive chipboard collection in a new card design each week. How did I get an expansive chipboard collection? I fell in love with chipboard, almost as much as I love paper and fabric. I particularly like alphabet chipboard and I use it often for titles on scrapbook pages. Through trial and error I discovered a preference for unfinished chipboard - which happens to be what Stampin' Up! sells, but I made that discovery before I ever tried their chipboard. I like the flexibility of creating any color or pattern that I need. I dislike the frustration of not having a use for that green or blue patterned chipboard I loved in the store and then only used a few letters of once I got it home. Where am I ever going to use a large bright blue "Z"? Seriously, if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Chipboard always comes in sets. Many of my sets contain tags and label frames. I keep saving them for scrapbook pages but I know I'll never use them all. Plus, if I use them up, I'll have to buy more. :-)

To escape the trap I talked about yesterday of only making one card of each type, I selected chipboard I had more than one of and made in this case two of the same card. I also like this card because it uses only one stamp set, ironically called- One of a Kind.

You'll have to check back and make sure I keep up my challenge to whittle down my stack of chipboard and build up my stash of cards.

Card Ingredients: Stamps: One of a Kind from Stampin' Up!(r)
Ink: Basic Gray, Basic Black, Whisper White
Chipboard is also Stampin' Up!

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