Thursday, February 26, 2009

Card Stash

Yesterday and today, I've been working in the workroom (window treatment crafting area). I've been trying out a new pattern and today making some simple corded pillows.

For photos today, I pulled a couple of cards from my stash. I love having a stash of cards handy for birthdays, get well and unfortunately too often these days, sympathy. Making cards has made me much better at sending my wishes along to others. I always meant to send a get well wish or a sympathy card when needed but I wouldn't have one handy or didn't get to the store. Now I can go to my card basket if I don't have time to make up something fresh.

The card above was part of a set I made last summer for my stepdaughter, Amanda's, birthday. I made several birthday cards using the same colors, papers and stamp set (Office Accoutrement) just mixing them up with different embellishments and swapping the solid colored cardstock around. I personalized some with names and for Amanda, the birthday year. This is the last one left. I won't tell you Amanda's birthday year last year but this year is going to be a big one!

Here is a card from an old set "Funky Favorites." One way to revive an old set, a.k.a. 'out of style' is to stamp an image in black or dark brown and give it the Andy Warhol look. Stamp the image several times on different colors of cardstock. I saw something like this in a magazine for a more serious tone. I used the Hens and "Hey Chick" message for a light-hearted look.

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