Sunday, January 1, 2023

2023 Resolutions

New Year's resolutions can work.  They really can.

The keys to making a resolution work are:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it positive
  • Be something you will do every day
And don't make it a goal but a step towards your goal.

I have goals to improve my watercolor technique and my free motion quilting quality in 2023.  Part of achieving those goals is a need to practice, practice, practice.

So my crafting resolution for 2023 is:

Practice watercolor and/or free motion quilting every day.

It's very simple.  
It is positive in that it is something I will do versus having a resolution NOT to do something.
It is something I can do every day.  Making it one or the other makes that easier.  Sometimes my watercolors supplies are not out or my long arm area is buried in fabric for another project.  At least one area though should be available and even a few minutes of daily practice will help.

Here's another example:

I also have long term health goals.  I joined a gym in the fall of 2021 and am exercising more.  I still think I need to add more exercise.  So my resolution is to:

Add 15 minutes more movement each day.

Movement in this case is exercise to include walking, weights, or even easy isometric exercises I've picked up in exercise class.  I might climb up and down the stairs and walk around the house a couple of times.  Anything that is consistent movement for 15 minutes that I wasn't going to do anyway. If I go to an exercise class, I want to go in 15 minutes early and use the elliptical or bicycle before class.  

So it is simple and not a burden to do.
Again, this is a positive action.
And I have to do it every day.

I had thought about making the resolution only for days that I don't go to the gym but I think it works best if it is for every day.

This is what works for me on resolutions.  I will admit that even with this formula I've had years where I didn't stick to my resolution every day but I've had many successful years also.  

Here's my video where I share this strategy and my plans for 2023.

Have you made resolutions?

Happy New YEAR!

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