Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Mixed Media for a Decorative Box

My favorite holiday event is an annual party at my local knitting shop. I love the company most of all. We have good food, door prizes and a fun gift exchange.  With the exchange, you keep the gift you get, none of the time consuming swapping.  Everyone brings a small dollar value gift.  Many people do gift certificates to the shop wrapped cleverly or included with something handmade.

I wanted to do nested boxes.  Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby seems to have stopped selling the ones in the mixed media supplies. I found a box at Home Goods that I liked and decorated that.  Then inside I put my gift which was some gold $1 coins in a little bag; I thought they would add weight and tinkle a little as gifts were passed around.  So the recipient had to take the paper off the outside, open the box and then open the little bag.  She seemed to really like it.  I chose neutral colors because I didn't know who would get my gift.  There are several ladies like me who love the blues and greens but I couldn't be sure one of them would get the gift.  The recipient said she had just redecorated a room that this would be perfect in.

Here is the video for how to decorate a plain box:

I won a door prize - yarn to make a cowl and it is in green, my favorite color!  Such a fun event. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. Lisa, this is just beautiful! I am planning to do a couple of similar projects in 2019. I hope mine turn out as well. :-)


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