Monday, March 19, 2018

How Nerds do the Beach

After years of going to the same place, I still take photos and still want to capture memories.  I just find it hard to come up with new twists on an old, beloved subject.  Last year, we traveled to Hilton Head in October.  With the days shorter and the possibility of some cool days, we knew we needed things to occupy ourselves besides beach walking, dining out and bicycling.  There was one day that was almost too cold to be outside.  I persevered but was glad I had some indoor activities as well.  Dh took along some work in the form of circuit board diagnostics.  I took my knitting and had some things to watch on-line when we weren't out.  These are typical activities for us at home.

Based on these photos, I thought we looked a little nerdish so herein lies the title for the page.  I do wish he had been wearing his super magnifying headband.  The stamping technique came from a Craftsy class I took during their free watching weekend called Radiant Stamping.  The class was designed for cardmaking. I'm using a couple of her techniques with a few of my own twists for scrapbooking.  I highly recommend the class as it shows you some new ways to look at stamps and inks.

Look closely to find the pattern paper.  Ha!  There is none!  This is an all cardstock page as well.

Here's the video for this layout:

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  1. Such a great LO Lisa - I love all the stamping and embossing!!


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